Commonly asked questions about hearing health.

Hearing FAQs

Hearing a ringing or other sound in your ears is tinnitus. Tinnitus can be bothersome if you hear the phantom sounds on a constant basis. If you have hearing loss in conjunction with tinnitus, then hearing aids can help you experience relief. We carry tinnitus masking hearing aids that can play soothing sounds in your ears to distract your brain from tinnitus.

Every brand of hearing aid has their own strengths and features. The best hearing aid will be different depending on your unique needs. Because we are a privately owned mobile hearing clinic, we have the ability to work with all of the major hearing aid manufacturers, better offering you a device that matches your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Although good for the ears, cerumen (earwax) can build-up and become impacted. When this happens, you may try to remove the earwax yourself, which can often cause more harm than good. Whether you have dry or wet earwax, our audiologist in Tucson, AZ, can help you. We will come to you and use a cleaning solution to effectively loosen earwax from the ear canal. If you are interested in our ear cleaning services, contact us today.

While tinnitus cannot cause vertigo, you can experience symptoms of dizziness and ringing in the ears together. If your tinnitus is experienced with hearing loss, then you could be helped by hearing aids.

Yes, there are many styles of hearing aids that can be comfortably worn with glasses. During your hearing evaluation, we will go over different types of hearing aids and which one will be the best fit for you.

To clean your hearing aids, simply wipe them down with a dry, soft cloth or hearing aid cleaning brush whenever you take them out of your ears. This will remove any excessive earwax, dust, or small debris that may have built up on the devices. In addition, we offer hearing aid cleaning kits so you have all the tools you need to keep your aids working their best.

There are many benefits to having a mobile audiologist. With a mobile audiology clinic, you don’t have to sit in a waiting room until your appointment, you don’t have to travel or worry about parking, and you can relax in the comfort of your own home! Having your hearing tested can be stressful enough, we help alleviate some of that stress by bringing our services directly to you.

The process for custom-fit earplugs is safe and easy. First, we’ll look inside your ears using an otoscope to ensure there is nothing blocking your ear canal. Then we will place a foam ear dam in your ear which protects your eardrum. An impression will be made by carefully injecting a material into your ear canal which will quickly harden. We will gently remove the impression and use that to create a custom fit earplug.