Serving the hearing needs of Southern Arizona since 2013.

Our Story

Since 2013, Tek Audiology has proudly served our community by offering mobile audiology services at an affordable price to our patients. We are determined to drive the industry towards a more patient focused care model. Not only do we offer greater convenience by being 100% mobile, but we offer a superior fitting experience as well.

By visiting your home, we can program your hearing aids to specifically work better in your unique home environment. No matter what background noises are present in your home, we can program your hearing aids to optimize your hearing experience far beyond what is possible in a conventional office setting.


Our Team

Headshot of Susan Tek, Ownder and audiologist of Tek Audiology

Susan Tek, M.Au.D., CCC-A

Owner | Manager | Audiologist

Susan Tek is an audiologist and owner of Tek Audiology. She opened the practice in 2013 but has been a board-certified audiologist for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Speech and Hearing Sciences, as well as her Masters of Audiology degree.

Susan genuinely enjoys helping people. When she visits a patient in their home, she loves being able to help them hear their loved ones again. Being mobile, she is able to see new places when she drives to patient’s homes. She has always enjoyed learning about the human body and she loves science. Practicing audiology encompasses both of these aspects, which is why she is so passionate about hearing health.

Outside of audiology, Susan likes to garden, walk her dog, workout, read, travel, and cook/bake.

Headshot of Hunter Tek, Business Administrator of Tek Audiology

Hunter Tek

Business Administrator

Hunter is Susan’s son and has been helping with the family practice since its inception in 2013. He is responsible for the admin side of the practice, ensuring credentialing/attestations are done, managing marketing efforts, and handling online patient information.

Hunter has always wanted to start a business; the sense of freedom that comes with entrepreneurship was very appealing to him. By running the practice alongside his mother, Susan, they can ensure patients are getting the best care possible. Hunter enjoys going to hearing events and meeting new potential patients. Everyone he meets has an interesting background and a unique take on life. He loves talking to people and hearing their stories.

Hunter has his B.S. in Geosciences and is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys fly fishing, ice fishing, trolling fishing, hunting, backpacking, and foraging.

How We Give Back
To Our Community

Susan and Hunter Tek do their best to give back to the Tucson and Oro Valley communities. Susan visits assisted living facilities throughout Southern Arizona and provides hearing screenings and educational resources to assist individuals in understanding their hearing health.